Flowers Than Thorns


“Make your lungs filled with flowers than thorns, it will make you breathe easier”


Walk on the side


Walk on the side where there is more nature. Nature will give you more of God’s creation, than creation of men.

Walk on the side where you’ll find more peace. Peace will never puzzle your mind.

Walk on the side that will give you comfort. Comfort will never make your life hard.

Don’t be blind by the sunlight, block it and walk on the side where you can be who you are.


Autophobia is fear of being Abandoned . I don’t know if I’m really auto-phobic, but I know I fear of being alone. I wasn’t like this until things happened in my life. Three years, more or less, my parents were separated, both of them had their own life now with different partners. Since they aren’t married, and their marriage contract is fake, I feel like everything is easily for them. I know they fight a lot, but somehow after suffocating with all their fights, being stuck in between, as an only child, I was left alone. Seeing them having new relationships makes me feel more alone, even though I live with my mom, they give me what I need, but still I feel alone and sad. I wasn’t a serious person before that happened. I was a happy one, and very fun to be with. I feel like even myself left me alone.Having my parents separated made me realized that I have fear in abandonment.

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